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Marginalizing the QB

Heading into their home opener against the Saints as a pick-em, after a 38-10 thrashing of the Panthers on the road in week one, was not what I was expecting this early in the season. The oddsmakers are assuming Donovan McNabb will not be playing, as am I. It's too early in the season to put McNabb out there with a debilitating injury and the risk of making it worse. I'll be shocked if Kevin Kolb isn't under center to start the game tomorrow. After the jump, we'll talk about what this means. Full story

Ready To Fly?

On the eve of opening day, I find myself awake thinking about the 2009 Philadelphia Eagles. Many, many analysts have crowned the Eagles as the class of the NFC, which is neither here nor there as far as my excitement level goes. But their love for the Birds does underscore exactly how short memories are among the pundits. The Eagles needed an absolute miracle to get into the playoffs last year. Had one ball bounced the wrong way, Donovan McNabb may have been booed out of the city. As it stands, they lost to an inferior team in the NFC Championship game. The team has experienced more turnover from last year to this than at any time since their epic run capped in a trip to the Super Bowl in 2004, yet despite this turmoil they're heading into the season as favorites? In my eyes, they always enter the season as favorites, but do they really deserve the accolades from "objective" observers? We'll discuss after the jump. Full story

Jason Avant, Unsung Hero

In a game full of heroes and memorable plays, two players and one play stand out above all of them to me. After a great 2-minute drill to end the first half, the Eagles came out of the locker room with all the momentum and a 10-8 lead. That momentum, and possibly the game, could've slipped away from the very quickly. Full story

Cold and Windy: Perfect Day For A Playoff Game

According to, the only thing missing weather-wise will be the snow. It's expected to stop a couple of hours before the Eagles and Giants kick off what is the most-important Eagles game since the 2005 Super Bowl. Full story

See You In the Swamp

Andy Reid, the entire Eagles defense and David Akers deserve a lion's share of the credit for this win. Full story

Eagles @ Vikings - Wild Card Sunday

In a little over an hour the Eagles and Vikings will kick it off in the Metrodome. The Ravens seem to have broken the road favorite curse, so I'm feeling much better about the Eagles' chances this afternoon. Barring a miracle comeback by soft-tossing Chad Pennington, we can forget about that superstition and concentrate on the keys to the game. Full story

Ominous Signs

The first half of Wild Card weekend is over. Two road teams went up against weaker division champs as favorites. Both went home losers.... Full story

Less Is More For Westbrook?

Bob Ford has an interesting article about the decline in Brian Westbrook's yardage and reception numbers this season. He believes Westbrook saw such a severe drop-off in his numbers due to injuries (both to Brian himself, and the offensive line) as well as the emergence of DeSean Jackson. It all stands to reason, but I'd like to add a little more depth to equation. Full story

Weapon Of The Month

When we started talking about the McNabb era in Philadelphia possibly coming to an end, I had mixed feelings. After the Ravens loss, I was ready to pack Andy Reid's bags for him. There is one guy who may be nearing the end of the line with the Eagles that I have no mixed feelings about. When Brian Dawkins hangs 'em up, or, God forbid, suits up for someone else, I may just shed a tear. Full story

The Best 9-6-1 Team Ever?

If you didn't look at the record, and only looked at the team statistics for the Eagles, you'd think they wouldn't be playing this weekend. You'd think they'd have a bye. Full story

Prayers Answered

I took a couple of hours to let this one sink in, gave it a ton of thought, and I'm pretty sure I can this was the best day of NFL football in my life. The two Super Bowls were both losses, so the days ended badly. There have been plenty of good playoff wins, but never anything like this. Full story

Hope Is Alive!!!!

Win and we're in!! A miraculous day of football, now it's time to take care of business!!!!Eagles vs. Cowboys for the playoffs.... Full story

Three 1:00 Games Could Decide Our Fate

The Eagles need a loss from Tampa (at home, vs. Oakland) and a loss from either Chicago (@ Houston) or Minnesota (vs. the Giants) to have a chance. Full story

Slim, Meet None (Perspective After Week 16)

The perspective this week is simple. If Jamarcus Russell can rally the Raiders to take down Tampa, in Tampa Bay at 1 p.m. on Sunday, the Eagles will playing for a playoff berth at 4 pm. Full story

Six Inches Short?

When Reggie Brown was stopped inches short of the goal line on the final play of the game the Eagles' playoff chances fell from fairly good, to nearly impossible. I'd love to blame Brown, but that play was a... Full story

Eagles @ Redskins: Do Or Die, Part 2

No pressure guys, but win this one or you're through. That pretty much sums it up. By the way, I went to college with a kid whose father was one of the original hogettes. If my dad dressed in drag on the weekends, or rooted for a sad franchise like the Skins I definitely wouldn't let anyone know about it. This kid's dad did both, and he admitted it. Some people. Full story

Eagles Perspective After Week 15

With Dallas' comical loss to the Ravens on Saturday night, the Eagles unquestionably hold the Cowgirls' destiny in their hands. Beat Romo next week and the Cowboys will be watching the playoffs on TV. That's a pretty sweet position to be in, no matter what happens, but it's not the most important thing, and we don't need to worry about it for another week. Full story

A Closer Look At the Browns Game

Andy Reid gushed about his team's defensive effort against the Browns earlier this week, particularly the play of Stewart Bradley and Asante Samuel. In his 16th game playing MLB ro Jim Johnson, Bradley led the team with six solo tackles, and he continues to grow into the ever-important role in Johnson's scheme. Full story

Two Eagles Make Pro Bowl

The newest member of the Eagles' defensive backfield and the oldest both made the Pro Bowl, the only two Eagles to make the cut. Brian Dawkins is enjoying a renaissance season with 65 tackles (18 for a loss), 2 sacks, 1 interception and 4 forced fumbles. Asante Samuel has been worth every penny the Eagles shelled out for him. Congrats to those two, but was someone snubbed? I think so. Full story

One Down, Two To Go

The Browns didn't belong on the same field as the Birds tonight. The final was 30-10, but the game really wasn't that close. Full story
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