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Eagles Perspective

Slim, Meet None (Perspective After Week 16)

The perspective this week is simple. If Jamarcus Russell can rally the Raiders to take down Tampa, in Tampa Bay at 1 p.m. on Sunday, the Eagles will playing for a playoff berth at 4 pm. Full story

Eagles Perspective After Week 15

With Dallas' comical loss to the Ravens on Saturday night, the Eagles unquestionably hold the Cowgirls' destiny in their hands. Beat Romo next week and the Cowboys will be watching the playoffs on TV. That's a pretty sweet position to be in, no matter what happens, but it's not the most important thing, and we don't need to worry about it for another week. Full story

Eagles Perspective After Week 14

As of this writing, the season is not over. The Eagles don't quite control their own destiny, but they're getting close. We'll get into that over the jump. Full story

Eagles Perspective After Week 13

It has happened again. Despite falling for it every single time, and being burned again and again. Despite knowing it was going to happen, without a doubt, two weeks ago. Despite my better judgment, I'm hooked again. 6-5-1 is... Full story

Eagles Perspective After Week 11

Self-immolation seems like a viable alternative to writing a post peering into the future of the Eagles, but here I am. After the jump I'll make an earnest attempt to look at the remaining schedule without mentioning an obstinate coach,... Full story

Eagles Perspective After Week 10

Sometimes a few days with little-to-no thought about a tough loss can mend some wounds. Not the case with the Eagles. I'm just as convinced today as I was on Sunday night that they're nothing more than a mediocre... Full story

Eagles Perspective After Week 9

Nine weeks into the season (8 games) and the Eagles sit at 5-3, a half game behind the Reskins for second in the NFC East, 2 games behind their foe this Sunday night. Not the best position to be in,... Full story

Eagles Perspective After Week 8

What a difference a couple of weeks makes. When last we spoke the Eagles were flailing in the basement at 2-3 with little-to-no hope on the horizon, a wounded franchise RB and more questions than answers. Now, they're back... Full story

Eagles Perspective After Week 4

With a couple of days to put some perspective on the Chicago loss, I can't help but feeling that this loss is going to be one we look back on in late December. This is going to be that one... Full story

Eagles Perspective After Week 3

Halfway between weeks three and four, the long view for the Eagles is muddled. The defense has looked like the best in the league (against Pittsburgh) and the worst (against Dallas). The offense looked unstoppable for the first nine quarters... Full story

Eagles Perspective After Week 2

There's something special about football. Don't get me wrong, I love basketball and baseball is in my blood, but football season is a different animal altogether. It's the limited number of games. A bad loss in baseball can only be... Full story
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