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A Closer Look At the Browns Game

Andy Reid gushed about his team's defensive effort against the Browns earlier this week, particularly the play of Stewart Bradley and Asante Samuel. In his 16th game playing MLB ro Jim Johnson, Bradley led the team with six solo tackles, and he continues to grow into the ever-important role in Johnson's scheme. Full story

One Down, Two To Go

The Browns didn't belong on the same field as the Birds tonight. The final was 30-10, but the game really wasn't that close. Full story

Eagles Perspective After Week 14

As of this writing, the season is not over. The Eagles don't quite control their own destiny, but they're getting close. We'll get into that over the jump. Full story

Things Just Got A Little More Interesting

While it's never great to see the Eagles struggle through three quarters against a bad team, things could've been a whole lot worse. Just look at the rest of the NFC East for confirmation. The Cowboys lost in overtime... Full story
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