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Brian Westbrook

Marginalizing the QB

Heading into their home opener against the Saints as a pick-em, after a 38-10 thrashing of the Panthers on the road in week one, was not what I was expecting this early in the season. The oddsmakers are assuming Donovan McNabb will not be playing, as am I. It's too early in the season to put McNabb out there with a debilitating injury and the risk of making it worse. I'll be shocked if Kevin Kolb isn't under center to start the game tomorrow. After the jump, we'll talk about what this means. Full story

Cold and Windy: Perfect Day For A Playoff Game

According to, the only thing missing weather-wise will be the snow. It's expected to stop a couple of hours before the Eagles and Giants kick off what is the most-important Eagles game since the 2005 Super Bowl. Full story

Less Is More For Westbrook?

Bob Ford has an interesting article about the decline in Brian Westbrook's yardage and reception numbers this season. He believes Westbrook saw such a severe drop-off in his numbers due to injuries (both to Brian himself, and the offensive line) as well as the emergence of DeSean Jackson. It all stands to reason, but I'd like to add a little more depth to equation. Full story

Two Eagles Make Pro Bowl

The newest member of the Eagles' defensive backfield and the oldest both made the Pro Bowl, the only two Eagles to make the cut. Brian Dawkins is enjoying a renaissance season with 65 tackles (18 for a loss), 2 sacks, 1 interception and 4 forced fumbles. Asante Samuel has been worth every penny the Eagles shelled out for him. Congrats to those two, but was someone snubbed? I think so. Full story

One Down, Two To Go

The Browns didn't belong on the same field as the Birds tonight. The final was 30-10, but the game really wasn't that close. Full story

Pray For Wind?

Will Andy Reid learn from his successes over the past two weeks and keep the ball on the ground, or will we need Mother Nature to give him a nudge? Full story

Eagles Perspective After Week 14

As of this writing, the season is not over. The Eagles don't quite control their own destiny, but they're getting close. We'll get into that over the jump. Full story

Big, Big Win

OK, I'm officially taking the bait. After a couple weeks of knowing this team wasn't going anywhere they've finally showed on the field what we all thought (or hoped) they were capable of. Late in the fourth quarter of today's... Full story

Thanks, Eagles

If we get nothing else out of this season, at least we got to see the Birds dominate on Thanksgiving. McNabb looked like vintage McNabb, Westbrook had that spring back in his step and Brian Dawkins led the defense to... Full story

Eagles 27, Falcons 14: Game Notes

I have to be honest with you, I was sick to my stomach for the first quarter plus of this game. McNabb looked about as bad as I've ever seen him. Usually, you can count on him bouncing a couple... Full story

Westbrook Has Broken Ribs

Filed under, what else can possibly go wrong, comes this gem from Andy Reid's press conference. Brian Westbrook has 2 broken ribs. He suffered the injury on the 8th play of the game. Reid didn't say anything about availability, but... Full story

Eagles Vs. Redskins - Live Game Notes

Since I'm watching the game on my laptop today, it should be pretty easy for me to update frequently. I'll do a semi-live blog, jotting down my notes as the game goes on. Fourth Quarter Notes Portis walks into the... Full story

Westbrook Is In

Ten minutes until they kick it off at the Linc and Brian Westbrook is listed as active and expected to start. Good news, let's hope he's at least 80% (80% of Westbrook is probably better than anyone the Skins... Full story

Eagles Vs. Redskins

The unstoppable force versus the immovable object (that sounds better than "Battle for NFC East Basement," right?). In the case of Sunday's game against the Redskins, Clinton Portis and LaDell Betts represent the unstoppable force, the Eagles run D the... Full story

Eagles Perspective After Week 4

With a couple of days to put some perspective on the Chicago loss, I can't help but feeling that this loss is going to be one we look back on in late December. This is going to be that one... Full story

Will Westbrook Be Ready?

Let's just say I wasn't thrilled to see this headline on, "Another week without Westbrook for Eagles?"I'd love to say that I don't buy it. That the fact that he almost played on Sunday night is a sure sign... Full story

Eagles @ Bears

So many questions, so little time. Before we get to the on-the-field issues facing the Eagles this weekend, check out the injury report as of Thursday night.Donovan McNabb - ProbableBrian Westbrook - QuestionableL.J. Smith - QuestionableShawn Andrews - QuestionableTony Hunt... Full story

Eagles Perspective After Week 3

Halfway between weeks three and four, the long view for the Eagles is muddled. The defense has looked like the best in the league (against Pittsburgh) and the worst (against Dallas). The offense looked unstoppable for the first nine quarters... Full story

Westbrook Injury Update

The news doesn't appear to be horrible. According to a live chat with Ashley Fox on, Andy Reid said the ankle is sprained, but there is no tear.Westbrook is walking around on crutches in the locker room and listed... Full story

Defense, Defense, Defense (And A Punter)

The headline was the Eagles' formula for success today in a gutsy 15-6 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.Early in the 4th quarter Andy Reid came to the realization that as long as the Eagles offense didn't make a mistake, there... Full story
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