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Andy Reid

Andy Reid and assorted items

What you can learn from an Andy Reid press conference, assorted stories, and a little Reno Mahe speculation...... Full story

See You In the Swamp

Andy Reid, the entire Eagles defense and David Akers deserve a lion's share of the credit for this win. Full story

Pray For Wind?

Will Andy Reid learn from his successes over the past two weeks and keep the ball on the ground, or will we need Mother Nature to give him a nudge? Full story

The Hubris Of Andy Reid

I've seen more stories than I care to read about the audacity of Donovan McNabb. How could a quarterback in this league for a decade not know a game could end in a tie? It's a fair question, but really,... Full story

A Lingering Question

Now that we've found out Brian Westbrook played basically the entire game with two broken ribs, a couple things about this sputtering offense make more sense. This explains why he seemed a step slower after the first drive. It explains... Full story
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