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Trade Rumors

Mike Cameron, Again?

Some rumors just won't die. According to Dan Graziano, the Brewers and Yankees are resuming talks which never really got off the ground at the GM Meetings last months for center fielder Mike Cameron. The rumor at the time was that the Brewers were hesitant to trade Cameron because he was pals with CC Sabathia. I guess they don't need that chip anymore. Graziano says the asking price may be Melky Cabrera. Full story

Three-Team Matsui Deal?

I first saw this one on MLBTR, apparently Tim Brown is reporting on a possible three-team deal that would send Hideki Matsui to the Mariners and Robinson Cano to Colorado, Seattle would send a young pitcher, possibly Ryan Rowland-Smith, to... Full story

Connecting the Dots

I'm dying for something sports-related, so let's talk Yankees hot stove. Two rumors out of the GM meetings caught my eye today, and if you put them together (and believe both of them), they could point toward something unexpected.First, Jon... Full story

Manny Is A Bad Idea

Word on the street, and by street I mean straight out of Hank's mouth, is that the Yanks may be interested in signing Manny Ramirez. The headline of this post tells you how I feel about that rumor, after... Full story

Leave the Pen Alone

With more and more rumors hitting the Web, including this one about Adam Dunn (who I'd like to see in pinstripes), I decided to take a closer look at the Yankees stats to see if there was something that I'd... Full story

The Rumors Are Swirling

Two Three Yankee rumors of note today, one you could probably predict, one makes sense and the other is completely off the wall. All three found via MLB Trade Rumors.The Yanks are taking a hard look at available catchers. Here... Full story

Exhale, Yankee Fans

Phil Hughes, still a Yankee - CheckJoba Chamberlain, still a Yankee - CheckIan Kennedy, still a Yankee - CheckMelky Cabrera, still a Yankee - CheckJohan Santana, not traded to the Red Sox - Check The New York Mets have come... Full story

Yankees Sign Lane

According to Pete Abraham, Brian Cashman said on YES tonight the Yanks have indeed signed outfielder Jason Lane. No terms have been released, but I'd imagine the deal is for 1 year and three dollars. Lane's numbers have been absolute... Full story

Will Minaya Save the Day?

Omar Minaya, architect of the Mets team who thrilled us with their tragic collapse at the end of 2007 then went about "fixing" his team by trading away Lastings Milledge for a journeyman 29 year-old outfielder and a backup catcher... Full story

Yankee Roundup - Jan. 3

A few minor Yankee stories have hit the tubes today, so here's a quick and dirty bullet list. I'm going to link to several new Yankee blogs you'll be able to find on my blog roll for the coverage.Hank has... Full story

A Santana Update

The rumors have been flying fast and furious on the Johan Santana front for the past week or so. Unfortunately, none of them have really been news, so I haven't felt a need to chime in. I think now is... Full story

George King On Matsui

This NY Post column is chock-full of Yankees rumor, innuendo, speculation and fabrication. The lingering rumor from the Winter Meetings has the Yanks in talks with the Giants, and the only name everyone can agree on is Hideki Matsui.There's been... Full story

LaTrine Hawkins?

If the Daily News is to be believed, the Yanks are interested in bringing LaTroy Hawkins in for some much-needed bullpen help. Hawkins put up solid numbers playing for the Rockies last season (3.42 ERA, 1.23 WHIP) and while I... Full story

Winter Meetings Hot Stove - Day 4

All the baseball execs. are getting ready to flee Tennessee as quickly as possible, but some solid rumor-mongering is still going on. Here's the latest on the Yanks:Joel Sherman - The Yanks and Twins briefly discussed expanding the Johan Santana... Full story

Winter Meetings Hot Stove - Day 3

Still no deal for Johan, but the Yanks have, at least to the press, removed themselves from the equation. Brian Cashman intimated that they'd turn their attention to the bullpen, which seems like a prudent move. This is your unofficial... Full story

Winter Meetings Hot Stove - Day 2

The clock struck midnight with no deal for Santana, and rightly so. Let's start off day two's roundup with a Johan update:Peter Abraham - Joe Girardi spoke to the press today and said the Yanks would NOT use a 6-man... Full story

Perspective On Santana

This whole Johan Santana debacle has had me twisted in knots for days. Yes, I'd love for the Yanks to get him, but not if getting him means taking a step back on the internal rebuilding path. Those goals are... Full story

Time's Up!

Hammerin' Hank's expiration date has officially passed on the Hughes, Melky and a warm body offer for Johan Santana. The deal should be dead in the water right now and the Yanks should be talking to the Orioles about Bedard.... Full story

Winter Meetings Hot Stove - Day 1

The meetings haven't even started yet, but we've got our first bit of news from Tennessee. I'll update this post throughout the day with any/all Yankee rumors/innuendo, so check back early and often. Keep in mind, the rumors are going... Full story

Johan Update: A Deadline and An Ultimatum...

Three notable changes to the situation today:The Sox will include Ellsbury, but not Ellsbury and Lester (or Buchholz, presumably). I don't think this makes much of a difference. Hughes is a better prospect than Ellsbury, no matter what Sox fans... Full story
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