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penny.jpgThere is a story about David Wells getting cut from the Yankees that's probably more myth than reality. According to the legend, the 946-pounder was called into Brian Cashman's office, and the young GM cut him lose, most likely for eating an entire party sub by himself. Wells takes it lying down, literally... as he allegedly dropped to his knees and starting crying like a 17-year-old acne faced theater kid on prom night.


Now, this is not to smear the reputation of Mr. Wells, although to be fair, his weight has done that already. Nowadays, the word smear just makes him hungrier.


Upon hearing of the pink slip handed to Brad Penny this morning, one can't help but think of the infamous hefty-lefty. However, Brad Penny is apparently taking this news like a man amongst men - to which Red Sox fans should tip their hats.


Now, his performance this season has been virtually inexcusable, and there is an imminent temptation to scream something along the lines of "don't let the door hit you in your engorged ass on the way out," but his comments on were something to be admired.


"I enjoyed playing with all of the guys," he said. "I played for a great manager on a great team. I had a great time. I enjoyed it. I wish things had worked out better, but that happens."




"I had some bad breaks and made some bad pitches," he said. "But I'm healthy, and that's what I'm happy about. This isn't last year, when I was hurt (with the Dodgers). If that had been the case, I'd be upset."




"All in all I had a great time here. My shoulder is healthy, and I'm glad I came here. It was a blessing."




It's almost enough to wash the taste of that 5.61 ERA out of your mouth, and even perhaps respect the guy. But seriously... get the hell out of here.

It's just about that time of year: the Yankees are playing well, the Red Sox are slumping, and the streets of Dorchester are lined with bodies from all of the fans heaving themselves from the tallest building they can find.

The Red Sox are in a free-fall, but this is a road that this team insists on going down almost every single year... and while it may feel like the sky is falling, this is nothing new under the sun.

In fact, this year's pitfalls are certainly better than the ones that Red Sox nation felt in 2006 - a year in which the BoSox missed the playoffs. This year... there is a safety net. So let's calm down a bit, shall we?

Earlier on in the year, the Red Sox went out for essentially every buy-low veteran on the market. Theo has learned well from the missteps in 2006, and gone after inexpensive depth. To have a guy like Josh Reddick who they can call up and send down whenever he's needed is beyond invaluable (note: Jed Lowrie would normally be deserving of some sort of mention in a paragraph such as this... but his crisp .074 since the All Star break is keeping him out of the running).

They even have pitching options, believe it or not. A few of those options aren't exactly that viable, but they're options, none the less. The wheels are, indeed, coming off of Brad Penny and John Smoltz and are now careening towards a crowd of horrified onlookers, but their problems (including, but not limited to, a combined 47 earned runs in 10 starts within the last month) are magnified by the situations the team has been in lately. Keep in mind that the 13-inning jaunt the other night burnt out the core of the Red Sox pitching staff beyond belief. After something like that, a shaky series has to be expected... it's just too bad that such a series had to be against the Yankees... It always has to be the Yankees.