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Mets Fans Need a Do-Over On This Week

by Kingman from Loge 13 on August 28 @ 10:37AM     
Everything was just swell up until this week.

Then the swelling would not subside in Matt Harvey's arm.

Then Buck and Byrd flew south-west for the Pittsburgh playoff run, leaving behind a Single-A prospect, Dilson Herrera, who may be ready to join the big leagues by 2016.

Will Matt Harvey be back by then?

We Met fans are used to adversity, to bad news, to waiting till next year. But this year, "next year" really seemed like THE YEAR. Now next year may be 2015, or 2016, or the next time the Mets host an All-Star game.

Clearly, the news of this week has reshaped the thinking for next year. Andy Martino reports that now Met offseason plans will probably include hunting down a veteran, proven starter. And of course, we need proven bats, in abundance. Amidst all this change, will the Wilpons be seeking a new manager as well? Sounds like Collins will survive. And Loge13 thinks Terry has earned the right to come back. Let's just lend this mess as gently as possible in September and move on.

Meanwhile, if we are indeed looking for a veteran starter, how about RA Dickey? Toronto has probably seen enough.

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